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Hurdsfield Primary School

Club Phone -  tbc (available 8:30am-13:45pm daily)

Next proposed club 22nd July to 16th August.

*Drop off/Pick up Points*

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Hulley Rd, Macclesfield
SK10 2LW


Crazy Golf

Glow D-ball



Paid and Funded times:

  • 9:00am to 13:00pm

Club Phone -  tbc (available 8:30am-13:45pm daily)

The club site phone is for club specific information and emergencies to your child. Please continue to use our designated head office phone for your general queries such as booking more days and advising you will not be able to attend..


Arrival, registration and collection.


  • To ensure an efficient registration process for all ,coaches will register their own group.  

  • Please follow the lines as shown to registration and exit.

  • When collecting your child please follow the same process to allow you the opportunity to speak with your child's assigned coach should you want to know more about what they have done during the day (we actively encourage this!)

  • Please be aware we are not put off by the great British weather so please bring appropriate clothing.


What are we implementing to help with the current situation;

  • Groups will be maintained and will remain as consistent as possible throughout the week.  Each group will have their own separate base within the venue and assigned toilets where possible.

  • Each group will have their own specific coach, who will be dedicated to that group.

  • Sanitation stations - Regular hand washing and sanitisation will take place before and after activities, before and after lunch, snack and drinks breaks.

  • Regular cleaning - We will clean our equipment regularly as well as the premises such as toilet areas and any high touched surfaces.

  • No walk-ons permitted - Unless you have pre-booked, walk-ons will not be allowed in the venue.  


What you should expect from SportsCool Cheshire;

  •      Responsible measures in place to provide a fun and safe holiday club.

  •      High standard of hygiene.

  •      Caring, understanding and positive mindset.


What we expect from the children;

  •      To follow the coaches instructions at all times.

  •      To be mindful and respectful of others.

  •      To follow hygiene guidelines (coaches will prompt children with this).

  •      To have a nice time and enjoy themselves.  Not to worry about anything and if they do have any concerns at all, to communicate with the coach.


What we would like to expect from you;

  •       Tolerance and empathy; We will be going above and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly.   If you do have any concerns or feedback (positive or constructive), please let us know (politely) and we will take everything on board.

  •       Not to enter any of the venue buildings.

  •       Maintain social distancing when waiting to get in or away from the venue.

  •       Respect and mindful of others.

  •       Understand that all procedures put into place are to protect your children, you and our team.

  •       Ensure that you DO NOT send your child to the venue if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus or if anyone in the household is displaying symptoms.



What you need to bring:

  • A  bag with any additional snacks and a water bottle/drink in.  If you are in receipt of the government funding we will be providing lunch consisting of a sandwich/wrap, fruit and a snack. 

  • A  bag so you are able to wipe this down, before your child arrives at the venue and when they get back home. 

  • A  bag with some spare clothes (if required).  The majority of our sessions will be held outdoors and therefore warm or waterproof clothing may be required.

  • Hand sanitiser - To reduce cross contamination and to avoid any allergies etc, please pack your child with their own hand sanitiser.  Each venue will have a hand sanitiser on site just in case any child forgets or loses theirs.

  • Please DO NOT allow your child to bring any electronic devices, toys, pens/pencils/crayons or anything else that is not needed.  We are aiming to limit the amount of unnecessary objects brought into the venue.They will be taken and locked away until the end of the day. We are not responsible for any breakages of devices / toys if they are brought onto site. 


If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, please do as this is where we put all of our information for events and clubs first. 


Follow us @SportsCool and @SportsCoolCheshire 


As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.  We have been lucky to receive lots of positive feedback on our SportsCool Cheshire Facebook page, from parents and children and we always appreciate and enjoy hearing about them.



Multi sports (Mini Olympics) Orienteering/Treasure hunt








Ultimate Frisbee

Yoga & Mindfulness

Plus many more!


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Lead Coach

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